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Laser Hair Removal Upland Process

If tweezing, waxing or shaving are not the ideal methods for you, then laser hair removal Upland might just be what you are looking for. This is a technique that uses light beams (lasers) to eliminate the hair from the follicles. It is a technique that is currently widely used in the US and in other parts of the country. This technique unlike the others, it is not painful and is very efficient. It is used by most professionals because of how successful it is. People wonder sometimes about how laser hair removal works:

How it works?

The use of laser involves the use of light rays. These rays are shot from the machine into the hair follicle where the rays act on the hair follicles and destroy the hair. The laser targets a specific target and in this case the dark target matter (melanin) in the hair follicle without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue in the skin. It heats up the target which absorbs the heat because it is dark and hence destroyed in the process. Lasers are usually preferred for darker hair.

The color of hair is determined by melanin. Melanin is in two types; Eumelanin which is responsible for brown or black hair color and Pheomelanin which I responsible for the red or blond hair color. However because lasers are selective of dark targets it can only be used on the black or brown hair. This way, one avoids any damage to the skin or other parts.

Brief History

Hair removal using lasers has been around since 1997. This techniques is widely used and has been approved for used by the Food and Drug administration in the USA. Now it can be used for permanent hair reduction. In other countries such as Australia, the trend has already been introduced and is widely used. The results here are very good. In Africa, there are several countries such as in South Africa where it is also being used. This technique is spreading to the whole of the world and is becoming one of the most preferred techniques over the others.

Why people tend to get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal Upland uses light to eliminate hair from the follicles. Unlike the others, this technique is very simple and one can even do it on their own at home. Other than that, it is not as painful as the others could be hence many people are inclined to pick it. The whole idea behind hair removal is for hair to be eliminated from the skin. One would prefer that this remain so for a longer time. Because laser acts on the follicle, the hair grows back after a longer period that when it is removed through some of the other techniques. Because of this, you will be able to stay hair free for longer. So laser hair removal Upland is the only solution for many people to get the best results.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal


One of the major once is the amazing results you will get after the procedure. The laser technique will definitely clear away all the unwanted hair from your skin. The use of laser ensures that the unwanted hair does not grow again for a longer time. You are assured of more time without having to deal with that again. It is a simple procedure that just needs one to understand how to use the machine and how to get the best results. It is painless and very gentle


Because of the use of lasers, it might target some other dark target in the body which is not good for the person.
It might cause pink skin, itchiness or even swelling around the area of treatment or hair follicles.
Might also cause some allergic reactions on some patients.


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