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Age Reverse Antioxidant Peel

Age Reverse  Antioxidant Peel Rancho Cucamonga

Age Reverse Antioxidant in Rancho Cucamonga is provided now at True Beauty Aesthetics. These daily peel pads are formulated to exfoliate and deliver potent antioxidant protection against aging. This formula’s 10% Citric Acid, a well known antioxidant and anti-ager found in citrus fruits, exfoliates and prepares skin for moisturizer absorption and smooth makeup application without downtime.

In addition, the antioxidant power of Citric Acid neutralizes damaging free radicals brought on by daily environmental exposure to help prevent signs of aging. Easy one-step pad does not require rinsing or neutralizing. Moisturizer and makeup can be applied right away, with no downtime. An ideal way to exfoliate and protect skin from further damage on a daily basis between occasional weekly higher strength peels such as Exuviance Performance Peel AP25.

Save & Exit Dr. Sina’s experience is enough to treat all types of skin to gain their youth. Age Reverse Antioxidant in Rancho Cucamonga is highly demanded due to the weather changing and pollution that have a huge impact on our skin. The process of starting Age Antioxidant in Rancho Cucamonga begins with a free consultation to decide on what best method is best for your skin.

Benefits Of Chemical Peels-Age Reverse Antioxidant Peels:

  • Suitable for most skin types.
  • Gentle enough to use everyday.
  • Helps repair and protect against environmental aggressors.
  • Helps resists agin-signs
  • Maintains healthy and youthful skin.

How Does Pollution Affect Our Skin?

Pollution is contamination in the air that generates free radicals that lead to skin oxidation. It is an environmental phenomenon that affects the main urban areas in the world. Vehicle emissions, power plants and cigarette smoke have a negative effect on our skin, oxidizing, dehydrating and reducing collagen and elastin levels.