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Laser Hair Removal in Rancho Cucamonga Complete Guides

Laser hair removal in Rancho Cucamonga is a medical procedure that applies the use of intense, pulsating light beams to eliminate unwanted hair. During this treatment, a laser beam is passed through the skin to each hair follicle. The extreme heat of the laser destroys the hair follicle thus inhibiting its future growth. This treatment is effective for people with light skin color and dark hair. It is aimed at slowing hair growth and thus may not permanently prevent growth. The following are some of the things that you may need to know before undertaking laser hair removal treatment.

1- Laser Hair Removal Is Not A Magical Thing

Cosmetic laser with adjustable settings that fit both skin and hair type is used when carrying out this treatment. Rays of light are focused on the pigment in the hair follicles by the laser fires. This is aimed at killing the hair follicles from its roots thus preventing them from rejuvenating again. Laser hair removal in Upland always guarantees to get satisfying results.

2- Keep Off From The Sun For Sometime Before Your Appointment

Before attending this treatment, you are supposed to avoid sun burns for a minimum of four weeks. This makes winter or cold seasons suitable for this treatment when there is little or no too much sun. If your laser hair removal in Rancho Cucamonga is during the summer, keep aways from the sun for an hour before the treatment.

3- The Area To Be Exposed To Laser Beams Should Be Shaved

Unlike in waxing, laser hair removal requires that you shave all the hair in the area you would like to be treated. Also you don’t need to go laser hair removal if you have been waxed in recent time. In laser treatment, the hair follicle is the one targeted. Recent waxing might therefore make this invisible. You are thus supposed to shave your hair a day before you attend the treatment.

4- Stay Away From Spray Tans, Tanning Beds And Tanning Lotion

After a laser hair removal treatment, you may need to stay indoors to avoid interfering with the treatment process.
At your first appointment, you will be provided with a test patch on your skin
This is very important because not all people’s skin will react well with this treatment. Other people may have problems with their pigments, skin color and even scarring. Thus your physician should carry out a little test patch first.

5- It is not guaranteed that your skin will become glossy after the first laser hair removal treatment

For you to have a smooth skin, it will take a number of sessions of laser hair removal. This is between five and six sessions. This will give an observable result on your skin. Anyone getting laser hair removal in Rancho Cucamonga should know that the results are not satisfying after the first session.

6- Treatment May Take Twenty To Sixty Minutes.

Depending on the areas you want to get treated, you may need at most one hour to get your body done. Some areas like the legs and the back may take longer time unlike areas like underarms and bikini lines.

7- No Laser Hair Removal Should Be Done Near The Eye

Cosmetic laser hair treatment may appear a cool treat to you because of the colored rays of light, but it may have a serious effect when exposed around the eye. Despite the place of treatment you should always make sure that you put on some protective wear on your eyes. Your physician will make sure that you have this. Laser hair removal in Rancho Cucamonga or Fontana must always use a protective wear when running laser hair removal.

8- You Cannot Have Laser Hair Treatment For The Whole Body At The Same Time

Your skin is a sensitive organ that will only absorb some certain amount of radiations. Taking a whole body laser hair removal might cause some dangerous effects. Therefore this should be done in sessions for safe absorption.

9- You Should Be Consistent To Have Good Results

To have a permanent hair removal, you should attend your treatment regularly. This is because your hair follicles have their own growth cycles and since you are interrupting this it may take a long time. This regular treatment makes the dead hair shaft to fall out.

10- Prominent Results Should Be Seen After Three Months

This kind of treatment needs a lot of patience for you to have good results. It may need a minimum of three months for you to have the unwanted hairs gone. However, this may vary among individuals due to the difference in skin.

11- It Can Be A Little Harder Treating Some Types Of Hair And Skin Though Not Impossible

Treating dark hair follicle is easier unlike white, gray, blonde and red pigments. This is because the laser beams focuses on the hair follicle. To prevent pigments from being discolored, you are advised to contact you physician first. This will enable him/her to identify you skin color and thus know to handle it.

12- The Treatment Is Not Calming

Laser hair removal treatment is not a relaxing process that will just keep you comfortable. As the laser beams hit your body you may feel some kind of strain on your skin. This makes the treatment somehow painful. Therefore as much as you may want some hair be removed off your body, you should be aware of the pain.

13- Lather Up Sunscreen Post Treatment

After the laser hair removal treatment you should always carry out sunscreen treatment. This is because, after the laser treatment your skin will be very sensitive and you need to protect it.

14- Waxing Or Plucking Hair After Your Treatment Is Not Recommended

After your laser hair treatment, you can shave your hair but you should not use tweezers that may pull out hair follicles. To have the most excellent result on your skin, the superfluous hair needs to just fall out on its own. This may be interfered when you pull out the hair forcefully.

15- Avoid Hot Showers, Deodorant And Perfumes

For the first one to two days after your laser treatment, you are needed to use warm water when bathing. Hot showers cause some interference and you may not have good results.

16- Laser Hair Removal Is Real

When this treatment is performed in a board licensed dermatologist office, it will give an everlasting reduction of hair. This is secure, fast and efficient.

Is this treatment worth?

This is yes. Laser hair removal treatment is actually true and a good process if your unwanted hair removed. Though it may not be a 100% process, you will get rid of that hair that you are not comfortable with. Your struggle of shaving your hair always is made easy.


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